PhotoFlare 2.0

Layer support

Show layers in the UI and have menu to add, delete etc. Save files to the ora file format and open from them too.

LibMyPaint support for Advanced paintbrush tool

Allow loading of LibMyPaint brushes from a user directory.

Colour palettes

Colour palettes will be managed through the GUI. Add and save palettes will be an option as well as selecting them below the existing colour palette.

New File templates

When creating a new file you will have the option to add a file via a template. Sizes will be loaded from an online service where all phone, tablet and device sizes will be available.

Eraser Tool

The eraser tool will be updated to allow replacing pixels with transparent pixels as well as the existing white pixel option.

Smudge Tool

The quality of the smudge tool will be improved to provide a more high quality result.

Draw shapes

Draw shapes via the pointer tool.

Different types of selection

Create different types of selection via the pointer tool.

Grid support

Apply a grid to the photo/image and allow snapping for precision editing.

Text effects

Apply effects to the text you will be placing on the image.

Icon themes

Load icon themes from a user preferences folder.

UI themes

Load User Interface themes from the user preferences folder.

Dialog settings

Each dialog will remember the previous settings and restore as required.


At a minimum we will read and show the EXIF data. Writing this data may be possible at a later date.

New update manager

A brand new update manager will be created instead of using an external tool.