PhotoFlare 1.5 released! 2

PhotoFlare 1.5 has been officially released. This is a snapshot of changes leading towards v2.0 since many of you requested a new Community release.

New file dialog options

One small change is the addition of a background colour option to the NewDialog:

Dialogs have memory now

Also all dialogs now remember window position and settings such as the colours/values etc. (pretty neat feature)  See how the dialog below can appear away from the center of the image always. Staying out of the way of your editing is much better now. (Dialog position may not be possible on Gnome 3 desktops)

Of course you will be able to toggle this feature on/off via the preferences dialog:

Default settings on startup

Now the project will have some sensible defaults on startup if your preferences folder has not yet been created. (you are launching the application for the first time)

New Update manager

The project will have a new simple tool to check versions and allow you to update. This replaces the web based tool we incorporated to the project previously. This results in one less dependency for the project and less of a headache with QWebkit/QWebEngine issues.

New Drop Shadow Dialog

I’ve expanded the drop shadow to have its own dialog. Here you can have much more control over the final results. I’ve included a default values button just to make simple shadows easy without the user needing to remember the values. Feeling forgetful on how to setup the last shadow you did? No problem. The dialog remembers the previously entered values and restores them, just like all the dialogs in PhotoFlare.

New Scrollbars

The PhotoFlare scrollbars were very ugly in previous versions. I’m not sure why I didn’t change them before. I was likely too busy working on other functionality related features.


New Text alignment options

As part of this feature enhancement you can now align your text left, center or right of the image. Of course you can drag around the text afterwards to update the position even more.


Some effort has been put towards documenting on how to use the software. It is available here and still a work in progress.

LineTool preview fixed

The LineTool used to have a line preview when you click and hold (before click release). This became buggy and I had to remove it in the 1.4 release. I’m pleased to say this is fixed.

Other bugs fixed

  • #25 – Properties screen not working for new saved files.
  • #30 – Hue variation color select.
  • #35 – Shows update available if version online is older.
  • Prevent save and save as crashing the application.
  • Default pressure of brush should be 100.
  • Check if we have a canvas before launching outerframedialog or textdialog.