PhotoFlare Studio is the commercial version of PhotoFlare. It will always include the latest and greatest features. Supporting this version will also bring incremental improvements to the Open Source community version.

  • Built with the latest tech such as C++11, Qt 5, and a much improved graphics library.
  • Completely Cross Platform.
  • Inspired from the wonderful PhotoFiltre image editor.
  • Blazing fast performance and a rock solid codebase.

Single User Licence

  • Unlock the fully featured version 1.0 of PhotoFlare Studio.
  • Free wallpaper bundle created for the project.
  • Enjoy PhotoFlare Studio on Linux, Mac OS and Windows.
  • Includes all updates for that major version. Eg Everything in 1.x.x.
  • Per user licence means you can use it on multiple machines.

Studio v1 is no longer for sale, it has been merged into the Community Edition.