The PhotoFlare Team


Graphic Design

  • Website graphics – Raqasa.
  • Application icons – Attari B.
  • Main logo – Robert BM.


  • French – Ludovic, N.
  • Dutch – Freek P.
  • German – Steffen G.
  • Chinese (CN) – Nichts H.
  • Chinese (TW) – Coolshou.
  • Czech – Pafri.
  • Portuguese (PT) – eltonfabricio10
  • Portuguese (BR) – eltonfabricio10
  • Swedish (SV) – eson57.
  • Russian – Alex K.

Promotional Media

  • Advertising – Don Murphy.


  • Dmitry V – Developer
  • Catherine Hegedusich – Art Designer
  • Symphonie – Forum Moderator
  • Duzy Chan – Code
  • Samuel Cowen – Code
  • Richard Senior – GNU Autotools system
  • Alexandre Kharlamov – Code
  • Michael Sheppard – Code
  • SledgeHammer_999 (Ubuntu Forums) – Code
  • makefile (Gnomelook) – Icon
  • Helene Levernieux – Project Icon


We are soon moving everything to GitHub and improving documentation, so we can take on contributors for the community edition of PhotoFlare. Have a look at the contributing docs which also has information on how users or developers can help us.

Project Funding

This project has been brought to 1.0 with a large investment fund and some funding from the Lead Developer. Future development will require substantial community backing. Please donate to support us!



Development code is hosted on our new Github page.

Downloads are hosted on Launchpad.


Please report any bugs you find to our bug tracker.


Project plans for future releases are all up on the roadmap.


If you want to see what has changed per release I would recommend viewing the full changelog.