Gaming as an adult 2

Time for a blog post off the beaten track. I decided to talk about gaming a little this time. I remember being a teenager and saying how I will never become like one of those people who get tired of games. I declared I would never get tired of them. Well I’m double that age now and I can say I have kinda become that way already.

Its not that I don’t love games, its just I’ve played so many now its hard to find something new or new ideas. Most games feel or play like a game you have poured hours to in the past. Its a question of time too. I don’t have the same free time to play them. As much as I would love to finish everything in Witcher 3 on my PS4, I simply just don’t have the time.

I tend to play more indie games now. Games that either have some very fresh ideas in comparison to the mainstream or games that don’t take 1000 hours to finish. A couple of games I’m playing currently are:

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3

I used to love the Command and Conquer series. Its a great mix of serious RTS action and comedy elements to it. Usually a tongue in cheek storyline with funny movies sequences. I’ve played most of the games except I need to go back and play Generals: Zero Hour and Red Alert 3.

I have to say, although Red Alert 3 is fun. It just doesn’t have the perfect gameplay like Red Alert 2 did. Red Alert 2 allowed you to have fun in building up your base and army. In Red Alert 3 the mining system is more annoying, your miners get attacked and destroyed early. Even previously strong fun to use units like Tanya are no longer strong really and get wiped out easily.

Red Alert 2 had better units too. Nothing beats units like Yuri Prime or the British Sniper really. Even the basic GDI units that could deploy sandbags were really great fun to use. I think maybe the thing I dislike the most about the game is the fact nearly every unit can go on the sea now. In Red Alert 2 there was a clear separation between a sea unit and a land unit. Naval war vs the ground war. Much more realistic and better in my opinion. They should have left that division as a core part of the gameplay in this one.

Still we have hope. I follow the progress of the OpenRA project closely. They are working on a mod for Red Alert 2 which is really the one I’m most interested in.

StarDew Valley

This is a great little game. Impressively created by one person and one person alone. Hard to imagine but it just shows what you can create if you have supreme determination. I would like to create a big indie game like this in the future. You get to basically live a life starting off just with a little farm. From there you can grow crops, earn money, go fishing, mining and fighting things. The list goes on and on in this game. It has excellent reviews too. Playing with a gamepad is highly recommended.

Easy to pickup and play but plenty to learn about in the game too. You can pick it up on Steam and it doesn’t cost the earth either.

If you have any games that don’t take up 1000 hours or long to get into. Feel free to put in a recommendation to me.