Zoom changes in v1.5.9

As part of the v1.5.9 release I worked on zoom shortcuts.

  • Ctrl+Minus key : Zoom out.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Plus key : Zoom in.

As a result of having quicker access to these functions I realized that there was no transition between autozoom and zoom steps.

What do you mean?

From this issue I have included the screencast. Opening an image will set a reasonable zoom level. This is called “autozoom”. However, if you clicked zoom in the “step zoom” would just go to the next item in the zoom dropdown which would be 10%.

This means a much smaller zoom level would be applied instead of zooming in via the next entry in the zoom dropdown.

An example

Autozoom level 32%.

Before change

Zoom in would go to 10%.

After change

Zoom in would go to 33%.

For the next release I hope to work on something similar for zoom out and further optimize the zoom functions.