Why Cross Platform – thought this was a Linux project? 2

A topic I have been getting a few questions about and maybe worth a little blog post to explain it. So lets make some simple points to break it down.

Since the move from GTK to Qt (which IMHO is a much better toolkit in general) suddenly we have the capability for releasing on multiple platforms. This posed a question in my head. Not why should I release to multiple platforms? but more –  why not?

Granted we all (or most who read this) love Linux and think its a great Operating System. This doesn’t mean to say it is our one and only OS from day to day. Some of us may be fans of Apple products and some of us may have to use Windows during our day job. So I asked myself why not just give people the option of multi platform?! It certainly can’t hurt the project but only benefit from reaching out to more users.

Then we have the name PhotoFiltre LX. Initially created as PhotoFiltre LinuX, as the project was Linux focused. However, since this project is still inspired by creating PhotoFiltre for Linux I don’t see a reason to change the name. The reason why I started this project is the same but the project release platforms we are targeting has changed.