Whats next?

Some may be wondering whats up with the lack of news. Well ive been busy lately since im running close
to the end of my work placement. I need to get alot of things finished up before it ends.

In my free time I have been working on projects, sadly not on this one. Yet again I find myself falling
back to develop my games. I don’t know why it attracts me away from this more worthwhile project but
in general its more fun to do and bugs are easier to spot since they are visually shown in most cases.

I will be back working on this as soon as I get finished up with my work placement. I hope to push
out this next alpha release soon as its getting far too delayed already. I only need to implement the
mouse icons for the toolpalette. Then I will need to create a new image/canvas for testing purposes. I
imagine that this release will make it out in mid September.

Once that new release is out I can start planning the next group of features to implement.

Update: 17/08/12

College exams and work placement finished. Work has already been continued on the next release. So far
an app icon has been added for Unity and some development has gone into the newFile dialog. I also have
done some code for actions on each toolpalette button. For the first one some cursor changing code
has been put in for testing, however it will take more time to figure out this problem.

The get_window(); method for cursors is returning null (0) and will give a segmentation fault as a
result of this. In order to not get a null result the window apparently needs to be “realized”.
Don’t ask me what this means as I probably have less of an understanding than you! Once again with
programming im following some kind of crazy dependency trail. X depends on a certain result from Y
but only if Y gets set by A which needs correct output from B. This is only a made up example and I
imagine this isn’t quite as complicated but once again coding something as “simple” as cursor
changing is actually painfully complex.