Website v3?

So recently I have noticed that the websites for many Open Source
projects are either really cool or really pretty and well mine is neither
of those.

Some websites even implement stuff to make it both cool and pretty
which is what I should be aiming for too I think. Although I may not
have the man power for that. (being just one man with limited free time)

I must say websites for projects like
Elementary OS are really pretty
and cool too with modern stuff like paralax scrolling for example. Its
also quite responsive, scaling down well in smaller resolutions. Simple
but yet inviting. This current website is indeed simple but … err not as

What you see right now is the second PhotoFiltre LX website, so I guess
the next version will be version 3 or v3. Unless I can make a website so
amazing that it will have to be called version 5. First I need ideas, to
come up with a design, then decide colours. All of the above will be
decided at random because I am not a designer and I really don’t have
an eye for this stuff. Feel free to submit ideas if you have some, ideas
can be on what pages to have or how to make a nice looking website.

goes really, well almost… Comic Sans or a Windows 95/98 colour palette might be a step too far!