Valentines Development Update 2

Valentines day or not I hope everyone had a good day today! Even being single its nice to be comfortably single again. The mushy stuff all around me didn’t get to me at all and I just focused on enjoying my day as best I could.

Worst blog title ever but hey I’ve been busy coding away tonight and its getting late enough.  So phase one of commercial development was a great success overall! So much has changed with the codebase. The code is lots more organised and less thrown together like my Qt prototype which I spent time on after work.

The executable is now double the size in comparison to before commercial development started. I’ve even added more features on top of that since. Here is a little preview but I still have much more planned before I go releasing a demo version into the wild. Apart from adding more features I have to package up installers for all platforms and well building on other platforms could prove to be tricky (We shall see).

For now here is a real quick preview, taken straight from my desktop. Just a photo with an Oil Painting filter applied.


More news to follow towards the end of this month!