v2.0 DevLog #4

Recently since the last v2.0 posts I got involved rolling some of those features into a v1.5 release. This series of releases (v1.5.0 – v1.5.3) were highly successful and got some great feedback. Now I think I’m going to draw a line in the sand so I can focus on v2.0 properly. So the v1.5.3 is the final release of the 1.x series. Work will begin on the changes for v2.0 that will really break things.

I’m starting with Layer Support. This feature will literally break just about everything inside PhotoFlare.

Seems to be quite complex so far. On the basic side of it I’m just using either QGraphicsItemGroup or an array of QGraphicsItem holding multiple “PaintWidget” classes. It gets quite complex when you bring features Undo/Redo into it. Suddenly moving a layer or deleting a layer needs to count as an Undo step. There are so much more events now that the Undo/Redo system needs to accommodate and really I’m only scraping the surface of the issues this Layer support will create.

Its a black hole of complex behaviour. See you on the other side! (hopefully)