v2.0 DevLog #3

Here is another quick blog on the development progress towards v2.0. I’m not going to go into too much detail as I want to keep every post brief and quick to write.

LineTool preview fixed

The LineTool used to have a line preview when you click and hold (before click release). This became buggy and I had to remove it in the 1.4 release. I’m pleased to say this is fixed.

Drop Shadow Dialog

I’ve expanded the drop shadow to have its own dialog. Here you can have much more control over the final results. I’ve included a default values button just to make simple shadows easy without the user needing to remember the values. Feeling forgetful on how to setup the last shadow you did? No problem. The dialog remembers the previously entered values and restores them, just like all the dialogs in the PhotoFlare development builds.


The PhotoFlare scrollbars were very ugly in previous versions. I’m not sure why I didn’t change them before. I was likely too busy working on other functionality related features.








I’ve started the really boring task of documenting how to use the software. Not every aspect of a project is fun really. There is so much more to do than just programming a cool/useful application. The link is here if you haven’t found it on the website: