v2.0 DevLog #2

Here is another quick blog on the development progress towards v2.0. I’m not going to go into too much detail as I want to keep every post brief and quick to write.

Default settings on startup

Now the project will have some sensible defaults on startup if your preferences folder has not yet been created. (you are launching the application for the first time)

Update manager

The project will have a new simple tool to check versions and allow you to update. This replaces the web based tool we incorporated to the project previously. This results in one less dependency for the project and less of a headache with QWebkit/QWebEngine issues.

Colour palettes

A new dialog is in development to manage your colour palettes. Its looking a bit rough so far but I’m only working on the functionality at the moment. Its going to be a big enough part of PhotoFlare, so integrating it to existing widgets could be tricky. You will be able to define custom palettes and save them for later use in the palette switcher.

  • Clicking the plus button on top will add a new palette.
  • Clicking the minus button on top will remove the selected palette.
  • Clicking the plus button on the far right will add a new colour to that palette row.
  • Clicking the save button will save the palettes. (Thanks Captain obvious…) ?

That’s all for now folks, next I will be finishing out the Colour palette functionality.