v2.0 DevLog #1

Some people have requested for me to go ahead with regular developer blogs on progress. I will try as best I can but development is progressing quite slowly at the moment.


As the project progresses towards v2.0 you can keep an eye on the changelog:

So far not a whole lot has been implemented yet.

  • I don’t allow you to open the gradient dialog without an image much like how the other dialogs work.
  • The resize dialog canvas position is now centered by default as it stops you needing to click it every time.
  • You will not be able to resize dialogs as it makes no sense to do so.

Other than that the bigger changes are the addition of a background colour option to the NewDialog:

Also all dialogs now remember window position and settings such as the colours/values etc. (pretty neat feature)  See how the dialog below can appear away from the center of the image always. Staying out of the way of your editing is much better now.

Of course you will be able to toggle this feature on/off via the preferences dialog:

That’s about it for now. Next I hope to add something in to set the default preferences on first startup. This was never really handled properly.