Translations Needed

The PhotoFiltre LX project could use a helping hand with Translations. This is a big project in itself and really I have too much to do before 1.0 excluding this. Here is how you can help us become a worldwide success.

Download this template


Fill it in like the below example

In this example  <translation type=”unfinished”></translation> is replaced with <translation>Nouveau</translation>. Others will be the same process as this.


End result

The final result will be the translated word/phrase in the application:


Get others involved (optional)

Taking really long. Is it really boring? Maybe organize a group of similarly minded people with the right translation skills to help finish it!

Send completed translation file back to the project

Simply contact us through here when complete. Contact Us

Major thanks to Ludovic who has kindly offered to help translate PhotoFiltre LX to french! 🙂