The sub 20 goal

Cork City Marathon 2017

I always feel its good to have goals every year. This year I set my sights on running 5km but doing it under 20 minutes. Now I’m well used to running, I’ve been a “Runner” for the past 3 years roughly. I’ve completed the Cork City Marathon (26.2 miles) in the summer of 2017. I’ve ran many fast races too like 5km or 10km. Definitely I’ve noticed my body is far more built for speed than distance. During the Cork Marathon my partner lost me for about 15 miles before I was able to catch up. In a fast race its the opposite and I find it easier to blaze though short races with ease.

However, my best 5km race ever would be at about the 20.30 minute mark. I’ve never really come that close to beating my personal best just yet. This year I hope to change that but with a generally more busy life it seems hard to find the time to get all the training in that I would need. Currently I’m running 3 times a week but I need to get to 4 if possible if I’m to up my game.

Hopefully with the weather improving I can get out more and train harder. I plan to beat this goal during the summer most likely, unless I can do it before then. The closer I get to the Autumn and Winter seasons the less likely my chances of beating this personal goal.

Fingers crossed I can do it! 🙂