The Photoflare T-Shirt

This is for all project fans and people who aspire to be creative. I commissioned our logo designer Robert BM to create something special to represent this project and our message. This Lens T-Shirt design uses three primary colours of our project logo for the paint strokes on the back to tie in with the logo on the front. This design was a collaboration between my ideas and Roberts artwork.

This is not just to represent our project. Photoflare is not just about creating an image editor. Its about pursuing your goals, sticking with your idea and following it until the very end.

Create something you believe in,

Inspire others to do the same,

Innovate with everyone around the world.

This T-Shirt will be available on our new store as a way to help support the project and help us support you creators out there!

Note: This is a small first batch, stocks are limited.