Yet another awful title for a blog post but that doesn’t mean that the post is awful! 😉

Some of you may remember the equally horrendous blog title Tabalistic.
Well progress has moved on since that early stage of tabs development. Remember tabs are
now the way forward as image management goes. I was inspired not just by the recent developments
with GIMP but with applications in general. (Firefox, Thunderbird, Geany etc.)

Now time to show it off! Note that it won’t be as good looking as GIMP’s, not yet anyway.
I don’t have things like image previews, however the filename will be displayed
instead of the “Page 1” etc.


You can add new tabs, switch between tabs and remove them! Of course I should mention that
Michael Sheppard our valued contributor and knight in shining armour gave me a big
contribution towards this work. Im sure that without his help I would have managed such a great

Next I will move onto mouse icons for the toolpalette. Then after I will work my way back to finishing
the newFile dialog. Lastly for this release I will work towards creating a new file. I hope to blog
more often as lately the blog entries are getting sparse. The weeks are just flying by without me
even noticing.

Thats all for now!