Strange blog title… yes but I have been going balistic with all the work on tabs lately. Unfortunately
it is not as simple as I would have wished. If you really want to know how easy I wanted it to be
check out the explaination below! 🙂

Oh why can’t it be easy?


So the tab work is in full swing now. Unfortunately its not easy but I thought about a solution over a couple
of days. Glade does not support tabs with close buttons so I created a grid inside the tab page with one row
and two columns. In this way a label and a close button can be positioned into it. However this works just
fine with the first tab, creating new tabs is the problem.

The new tab – now with close button


Today our valued contributor Michael Sheppard sent me some code which uses the same method I have in
Glade but with code. Now I can try to modify this to make new tabs using the existing Glade Notebook (which
holds all the tab pages). Progress is slow as per usual but expect this work on tabs to be finished in the next
2-3 weeks!