Studio Demo Released!

Finally after many hours of hard work the demo has been released!

You can grab a copy via the downloads page.


It includes just a sample of available features the full version will have.

  • Create new files.
  • Open files in over 88 formats.
  • Save files with warning for unsaved changes.
  • Close File/Close All.
  • Paintbrush with Circle and Square brush.
  • Paintbrush options such as radius size and Anti-Alias.
  • Paintbucket tool. (primary and secondary colour fill)
  • Colour picker tool. (left click to set primary colour, right click to set secondary colour)
  • Classic drag and release PhotoFiltre Crop.
  • Place text on the image with the Text Tool. (additional effects to be added in the future)
  • Window size will be stored on close or you can maximize in the preferences dialog.
  • Flip/Rotate your image horizontally and vertically.
  • Filters included such as Swirl, Charcoal painting, Oil painting and Greyscale.
  • Zoom with the dropdown and mouse wheel.
  • AutoZoom – Image will zoom to fit image in area with large images.

Just an Ubuntu Installer is available for now, Windows and Mac OSX builds are in progress.

For Pre-Order Members

A download portal is coming soon for you to download the monthly build. Every month there will be a new release and you can follow progress as it happens. Pre-Order members also get the final version ahead of the public and near complete beta builds before that.

Further information to hit your e-mail inbox soon!

Don’t forget you can Pre-Order a copy from the Studio page if you want to become a Pre-Order member.

Available as a Single Platform license or Multi Platform. Top package includes free updates for a whole year!