Studio 1.2 released!

PhotoFiltre LX Studio 1.2 has been officially released. This upgrade is free for anyone who Pre-Ordered the year of updates edition or to anyone who purchased a license after we launched 1.0.  As usual you can download a free unlimited trial version from the downloads page.

Why the new version so soon?

Everyone already knows Studio 1.1 was released in November 2016 instead of the predicted December release date. You may be wondering why are we pushing out another release so soon. The many features below were added as a result of consulting with companies currently taking a trial of our software. This may hopefully lead to the project getting better funding and more rapid progress for both the Studio and community edition.

This new Studio version is based on the recently released 1.0.4 community edition.


New software updater

The new software updater below will let you know the features added and bugs fixed with new versions of PhotoFiltre LX Studio going forward. You will only get this popup if a new version of studio is released. Once a new version is ready clicking Install update will allow you to download the relevant installer for your system.

Plugin manager updates

The plugin manager has larger icons and icons relevant to the actual plugins installed. The next upcoming version will allow you to view plugin information/features.

Pixel Art

As requested from a indie game studio. They want to be able to create pixel art as well as traditional artwork. You can now do this with the basic PaintBrushTool. Here is my really bad example of pixel art.

Result when exported:

Format support

Speaking of exporting you can now save to the .ico format and many more .raw formats have been added to the open dialog. If one of your favourites is missing please do let me know.

Other improvements

  • Removed Qt ContextMenu from the toolbars.
  • Removed LineTool preview as buggy with Qt5.6.
  • Improved performance of mainwindow by pulling in less libraries.
  • Add batchstatus and imagestatus to status bar.
  • Add language combo for Dutch and full Dutch translation.