Silly sickness

To start off I really think its great I don’t get sick often. I am one of the doctors worst customers in that respect. Every now and again I do get sick and its usually the same
condition. I got the condition acute bronchitus way back when I was 18 years old. I was given some pills and Alupent syrup(which is now taken off the market). I seemed to get over
it in a week or two. The condition hit me again when I was 21 years old and now once again it has come back to haunt me. I get it every 2 – 3 years which really isn’t bad but its
not a sickness I can easily put up with. It involves the airways of the lungs being blocked up and also includes the nasal passages too. I am into my third week of sickness but the
pills I got from the doctor should sort me out in another three days or so.

In the meantime I have been busy looking for a job. I need something to pay the bills and im even considering unskilled labour as an option. I am in a rather poor situation
financially at the moment. Also as a result of extreme levels of boredom and being sick I have started back working on some of my personal projects to pass the time.

URT-2D (Urban Terror 2D)

This is a game that I mainly work on to teach myself 2D game development. However, in the future if I teamed up with a graphic designer it could become a commercial product. I
recently worked on more realistic shooting (slide kickback), dropping empty shells and dropping empty clips. I also developed an objectives system and an enemy to kill for combat
testing. I am almost finished the first level and I added animations for everything in the game at the moment.



A while back I started an interactive fiction titled “Avantis”. I worked more on the shop system about 2 weeks ago. You can now sell items and get some of its worth back to you.
All weapons now have attack and weight stats too! I overall expanded the details of the market stalls and shopkeepers.


and… PhotoFiltre LX?

Yes, I have indeed come back working on the project again, after a little siesta. Recently I have seen that the toolpalette is misbehaving when I attempt to add the new colour
selection options. I decided its time for a redesign and organisation of it into the separate toolpalette groups. This didnt go as planned and caused strange bugs. Instead the
colour buttons will be placed above the tools. Lastly the brush options will likely make its way into its own group, most likely called “Options”.

Toolpalette button bug


Fixed version

Apologies for the rather long blog post, it happens if I don’t blog in a while. Typically everything will get thrown into one post to make up for it. As soon as I am back to
feeling 100% better I will be back working on the project. Until then I will just need to take care of my health for the moment. As for when the release is going to hit
it is difficult for me to judge, I am currently stuck on many issues at the moment. I would like to get this released during the summer months but I can’t say if its possible
right now.