Russian Hero Returns!

My quest for some financial support has been a great success! An old friend and
developer Sasha Kuznetsov has decided to support the project financially.
Although not enough to get it developed commercially but for myself to continue
the slow steady progress.

Some of you may remember that Sasha was a developer back in 2008 when the project
was all about porting the existing original source code to Linux. Then in the
year of 2009 I started working on a GTKmm clone from scratch. Today I had a look
back at my old blog entries just to remind myself at how far this project has
come. It also reminded me of all the learning and hard work I had to do to get
to this level.

The next Alpha release is almost ready but the colour selection widget in the top
right corner may have to be postponed or deffered as I don’t know how I will
implement it. I jumped on the GIMP IRC channel today to see would I be able to
use existing code but it looks overly complicated for what I need.

If all goes well the next development release will be out tomorrow! 🙂