Rewrite Complete

I have just been working on the rewrite of the GUI loading this morning and I am pleased to say that it
is finished and working. I spent just a few hours working on it but somehow made fast progress with it.
This is possibly a result of spending more time programming lately in college, although I know myself
I still have alot to learn.

Im not sure there is any point in posting up a screenshot as visually nothing has changed… all the
changes have been done to the backend code. Nothing was done on the actual GUI. You can follow the
progress of the next development release on this
Launchpad page. As you can see
I have not assigned myself to the rest of the blueprints… as I do not feel like I have the ability
to do them at the moment.

For those who are curious here is the blueprints that are left for the release:

  • Implement Window management (for WiW system)
  • Create New File
  • Implement icons for toolpalette items

If you think you can implement any of the blueprints listed then please get in touch via the
contact page.

For those of you that do not understand what I have done to the backend GUI loading code then checkout this previous blog post