Retiring the lotus


In the past I created Ubuntu installers for IBM and their Lotus Symphony office suite. This was because I liked the GUI and I felt it was better than
the current Openoffice/Libreoffice offerings. Many people around the globe got a benefit from using my Ubuntu installers on 64bit machines.

I was very lucky at the time to have these articles written about my installers on the most popular Ubuntu related website OmgUbuntu:


Lotus Symphony released


Lotus Symphony language pack


Lotus Symphony fixpack

However, since then I have been curious as to the lack of development progress and even the lack of a native 64bit version which I requested at the time.
It seems the Lotus Symphony project has either died or been put on hold for now. I have also heard that the code for the GUI portion of Lotus Symphony was
recently donated to the Libreoffice project.

For those reasons I will be taking down the installers from my web server and from the downloads page. I apologize for any inconvenience caused but I feel its the right
decision. The installers take up a large quantity of disk space and soon enough I will need it. If someone feels the need to host my installers elsewhere, do get in touch
via e-mail and we can work something out.