Random Artwork 2

Since im so busy with Java and Java… there isn’t much news im afraid. By the way im talking about Java
programming and coffee in case you didn’t catch that! 😉

This post I am just going to show another random piece of digital art to fill the void in my blog entries. Its
simple enough, a golden artifact with some black enamel on top. More the kind of jewellery you would find worn
about 20 years ago I would imagine.


I created this one day with Inkscape when I was extremely bored. Turned out pretty well I think! 🙂

In other news Catherine Fister has been busy working on our promotional artwork to be included with
the commercial version of PhotoFiltre LX. Much progress has been made, although I think she deserves a little
break until her health improves. There is plenty of time for these to be finished, so I don’t mind them progressing
slowly. As always I much prefer quality rather than quantity!


Unfortunately that is all for this blog post. I promise more interesting news on the latest developments in the next
post. Stay tuned! 🙂