Project Release Schedule

Overall the plan is still going ahead to release a version 1.0 Studio at the end of this year. As you would have already seen, version 0.3 demo was released in March, version 0.4 in April. Progress is well under way for the May release too. However, progress will be delayed for this month’s release and project progress will be slow over the next few months. I still haven’t put out a build for Windows or Mac OSX, this is partly due to being focused on development and direct feature progression.

During the next two months I will be more focused on some visual items such as the icons missing for Windows/Mac OSX and of course I need to purchase some Apple hardware to build the Mac OSX version. I expect some issues building it too which will take time to sort out. To make up for this delay I have made the April build available to the public. Future builds I plan to put out to the public until we get closer to 1.0.

You can read up on the new features within the April (0.4) build here and head to the downloads to grab a copy. The .deb can directly update the old 0.3 version if you already have it installed.

Once we get past June, July the release schedule will follow the pattern below:

August            0.6

September     0.7

October          0.8

November      0.9

December      1.0

I hope to get the 0.5 version of PhotoFiltre LX Studio released soon, even though not fully ready yet I can tell you, its full of awesome!