Project plan 2017

The development of the project will slow down a bit this year. Most of the heavy development for the 1.0 series is already complete. However, we still have many other project objectives to achieve.

  • Digital Signature – Windows Installer needs to look a bit more legitimate. We need to get rid of the unsafe warning when using the installer.
  • Mac OS Distribution – Need to get the app into the Mac Store. However, I need some guidance in this area.
  • More Linux Installers – RPM and possibly a Snap Installer created? Could do with some help on this.
  • Developer Contributions – Not enough people involved on the development side for the community edition. Already made contributing a main page and started a Trello board.
  • Project funding – Studio gets enough funding at the moment. However, with the lack of donations the community edition is essentially running on fresh air.

Right so the major project objectives are  covered.  Development wise – work on the 1.3.0 version of Studio is progressing nicely.  It will be code named “Speed Demon” and will for the most part just contain a major refactor of how certain effects are applied. Also any filters that still use Graphicsmagick will now use threading, to not freeze up the UI during image processing.