Progression Path

Im walking the path of progression at the moment. Just finished my presentation today for 3rd year in college. Finished 3rd year now
other than my 6 months of work placement. Im walking with a spring in my step today nothing but happy feelings!

I was working on PhotoFiltre LX while waiting at the bus stop today. Must have been strange seeing a guy programming
on a netbook while waiting for a bus. 🙂 For some reason more work gets done on the project on my netbook. I think its because I can
do it comfortably on a couch or while travelling. Im now working closely with Michael Sheppard our valued contributor on
the new file dialog.

Presets now working

As you can see the presets combobox will now preset the size (of the image we will create). More work will be done on the new file
dialog. I hope to finish it for the next release but first we need a Window in Window system to hold our image windows.

Preferences dialog fixed

Another thing I did recently was fixed the loading of the (currently empty) preferences dialog. Its a problem I had since I ported the
code from Gtk2 to Gtk3. However its fixed now and works like it should.

Lastly I am working with a wonderful artist Catherine Fister to come up with a bundle of wallpapers for the project.
These wallpapers will be artistic and each will be unique in its style. The wallpapers will come with future releases of the project!