Plans for 2012

Time for a not so serious blog post! 2011 wasn’t a bad year overall, now im starting to think about what to do
for the new year that just arrived.

1. Get a driving license! Im starting to get very tired of using buses to go everywhere.

2… make sure I do the first thing! 😛

3. Sort out a maths teacher to do grinds with me for my repeat maths exam. I suck at maths! >_<

4. Get a new PC! 🙂 To match the new keyboard and mouse I got for Christmas. 😀

5. Pass my maths repeat exam in May!

6. Find my other half! :L

7. Make Linux users rejoice with delight if this commercial campaign is a success! Native PhotoFiltre for Linux
…now that would make 2012 a great year indeed!

So I have shared some things im aiming for this year, do you have any plans? 🙂