Plan B

There comes a time where plan A is doomed for failure and Plan B must be put into action. Unfortunately the
commercial campaign seems to be on its way to failure.
Although it is partly my fault for setting the target too high but a lack of publicity on the internet seemed to be
the main problem. (66 percent of the target would be enough)

To gather publicity I sent an e-mail to 2 very well known and popular Linux news sites. The response… well im still
waiting for one…

Maybe its a strange attitude I have but I consider it disrespectful to not even respond to an e-mail. I wouldn’t
mind if the response was a negative one but to not get any answer has been most frustrating. It got me thinking
have certain websites just turned into faceless corporations instead of good natured Open Source advocates?

This publicity would have made all the difference to the campaign and I had visions of it being a great success!
However I did not expect to get the cold shoulder from Ubuntu/Linux websites. Especially when an article about
my Lotus Symphony 3 packages made an appearance twice on one of them.

People always want great applications for Linux yet if we do not support the small guy who isn’t called Linus Torvalds,
Richard Stallman or any other big names out there, then what will we have? The same old applications and a lack of
diversity in the selection of Linux apps.

For my Plan B I am in discussion at the moment with some investors (people who want this project to succeed in other
words). I am close to sealing a deal at the moment but most likely I won’t get enough to consider my commercial
development plans
. I will only get enough to get paid for what work I manage to do on the project. Now considering
that I am a college student and currently back at college this isn’t ideal, as I simply don’t have enough time on my hands or
the talent to go all the way with the project. However… it will be encouragement for me to work on it in the short-term.