PhotoFlare v2.0

I know the blog posts on here are pretty rare but life is getting extra busy and I do have less time to contribute to the project. However, I do still have massive plans even if I have to proceed on them quite slowly.

I have a rough draft of the future version in development. This is likely what features to expect in the new version:

I get excited to think about what this project could become. At the moment the potential of the project far outweighs the reality of the current version. I will be developing the new features on our public GitHub to include as much features as possible for the community edition.

To see current features added/fixed etc. You can either keep an eye on GitHub or the changelog page which will be updated as I progress.

To succeed I will need as much community contributions as possible via code contributions and funds / any other resources to help out. So feel free to get in touch if you have something to offer.