Photoflare v1.6.5 released!

Fixed crash with colour picker

An issue was identified with the colour picker in the v1.6.4 release. It seems during the code trimming in the previous release too much code was taken out. 😉

Full Swedish translation

Many thanks goes out to Github user eson57 who has provided us with a full Swedish translation.

Qt Upgrade

Windows has been upgraded to Qt 5.12.8 LTS. This will ensure better stability and possible future Qt bug fixes.

Fixed compilation on MacOS

Previous releases of the project would fail to compile on MacOS due to the libomp dependency. The project has now been upgraded to compile on the latest MacOS. I’ll talk a bit more about Mac support in the next blog post.

That’s all I have to report on this release. Installers will appear on the downloads page shortly. This will be the last CE release for a while. I’m directing my attention towards Studio development. Contributions will still be welcome!