Photoflare v1.6.4 released!

Image files default open filter

Instead of “All Files” the default filter for Open Dialog will be “Image Files”. This naturally makes more sense and is similar to how other image editors open files.

Preview and Cancel creating undo steps

On the Transparent dialog there is no reason for Preview and Cancel to create an undo step. Either action does not change/alter the image at all.

More Transparent dialog changes:

  • The Transparent dialog would change to the Pointer tool after usage. This was not good behaviour. Now the dialog will restore your previously used tool.
  • The window type for the Transparent dialog was incorrect and would prevent left click. (required for colour selection)

Certain strings not translatable

Easy to miss certain sections of the code for translations. Should have even more coverage on this now.

Canvas dialog not defaulting to current size

When you open the Resize Canvas dialog the width/height will now default to that of your current image dimensions.

Pasted image visibility issue

Images pasted before seemed to get stuck behind the current image. Now the image appears on top as expected.

Added Portuguese translations (pt_PT, pt_BR)

Big thanks to Github user eltonfabricio10 who provided a full translation of Photoflare into Portuguese (PT and BR).

Cleanup of code and unused imports

As a result of the covid situation I had more time to go through the full codebase and optimize/cleanup existing code. This results in a smaller executable:

  • Linux 1.7Mb to 1.6Mb.
  • Windows 1.8Mb to 1.7Mb

Some performance gains too!

That’s all I have to report on this release. Installers will appear on the downloads page shortly. This will be the last CE release for a while. I’m directing my attention towards Studio development. Contributions will still be welcome!