Photoflare v1.6.10 released!

Another minor Photoflare release is ready. The purpose of this release was to get out some important fixes. I didn’t want to have them sitting in a new unreleased major version – taking a much longer time to get released.

New Installer Sponsor will be our new sponsor in the installer. Unlike our previous sponsor this does not involve installing anything on your system and to be honest they provide a really great service. In the future I will be integrating as a real “Add-on” you can use from within Photoflare. The prospect of powerful AI enhanced editing features right from inside Photoflare is quite exciting!

Fine Grained Image Rotation

Thanks to a user suggestion we now have a “Free Rotate” option which you can find under the menu structure here:

“Image >> Transform >> Free Rotate”

This feature will allow custom image rotation based on the degrees you enter.

Other changes are quite small and possibly not worth talking about. All changes on the Github release page. That’s all for now folks. Visit the release tag for further information.