Photoflare v1.6.1 released!

Photoflare v1.6.1 has been officially released. This release includes bug fixes and new features. Expect installers to appear on the website within the next few days.

New translation!

Thanks to Github user – Nichts Hsu. We now have a Simplified Chinese translation available in the Preferences.

Fixed crash when selection discarded

Nichts Hsu also reported a bug in the development version that would cause Photoflare to crash when you discard a selected area. This seemed to only be with newer versions of Qt but it has now been fixed. This will help any developers running the development version and possibly end users who compiled the application with a newer version of Qt5.

I could bore you with more details on the C++ code being modernized but for now that’s it for this release! The PPA has been updated and Windows installers will appear on the website soon.