PhotoFlare 1.5.9 released!

PhotoFlare v1.5.9 has been officially released. This is primarily a bug fix release. Expect installers to appear on the website within the next few days.


  • Added ability to transition from auto zoom to zoom step for zoom in.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for zoom in/zoom out.
  • Added keyboard shortcut to toggle View > Full Screen.
  • Fixed the newdialog size preview having arrow controls and focus.
  • Fixed not being able to undo after pasting image.
  • Fixed whatIsThis not disabled on Windows during compile.
  • Fixed being able to resize certain dialogs.
  • Fixed Compression and History size sliders not updating on click.
  • Fixed Paste as New Image without any copied data.
  • Removed lots of compiler warnings.


As part of this release we also have a new Stable and Daily PPA on This will be the recommended way to install new versions on Ubuntu systems. Don’t forget Photoflare is also available in the official repositories since Ubuntu 19.04.

Thats all for now. I’m heading to the annual Libre Graphics Meeting in a few days to represent Photoflare. So, feel free to get in touch if you are attending too!