PhotoFlare 1.5.8 released!

PhotoFlare v1.5.8 has been officially released. This is primarily a bug fix release. Hopefully this will be the version released into Debian/Ubuntu repositories as it is definitely the most stable release to date.

Installers will appear on the website during the week. I will be taking some time first to attempt fixing this bug with WayLand icon display on KDE: 134

Bugs fixed

  • Upper case at jpg files extensions returns an error: 192
  • “Gradient tool” direction circle has additional left click available: 193
  • “Transparent color” has different titles: 198
  • Canceling “Image Size” dialog displays incorrect image status value: 199
  • “Show grid” marked as applied even if not used: 200
  • “Transparent color” allowed to be open multiple times: 201
  • Language restart button not working: 202
  • “Resize Image” incorrectly calculates the aspect ratio: 203
  • “Automate/Batch” allows program to crash: 204