PhotoFlare 1.5.7 released!

PhotoFlare v1.5.7 has been officially released. This is primarily a bug fix release but also adds some new functionality. The full list of changes is on the GitHub release page. This blog post will cover some of the bigger changes.

Full Czech(CS) translation

A very kind user on Github has contributed a full Czech translation to us for Christmas 2018.

Rename files with incorrect extensions

Files with incorrect file extensions will be detected and have an option to rename the file extension to the correct one.

Fixed incorrect gamma data type

This was an issue that affected Batch processing in v1.5.6.1. Batch processing functionality has now been restored to its former glory.

Fixed Copy not copying your selected area

This is more an improvement than a bug. The “Paste as new image” feature used to copy/paste the whole image. Now if you have a selection it will take this into account.

Fixed default unit options

The default units combobox only allowed units such as Pixels before. Now you have the options for CM and Inches.

That’s all for now. You can read the full release notes on GitHub.