PhotoFlare 1.5.5 released!

PhotoFlare v1.5.5 has been officially released. This is primarily a bug fix release but also adds some new functionality. The full list of changes is on the GitHub release page. This blog post will cover some of the bigger changes.

Open Dialog allows multiple files to be opened at once

Its a simple issue I didn’t come across before. Usually I work with one file at a time, so it seems PhotoFlare was developed to suit my workflow originally. You can now open as many files as you like through the Open Dialog.

Batch source filtering

Funnily enough we always had this source format drop down on the Batch dialog. However, it never really did anything until now. The Batch Dialog was one of the last features developed for v1.0 and to be honest it was a bit rushed in. The source dropdown now filters the current file list and will only process that file type in the folder you selected. This means in a folder with mixed file types you can choose to process only one type of format and perhaps leave the original file copies alone. If you do not have files of a certain type in that folder you will just see an empty list.

New file format support

You can now open large map files like .TIFF and also MNG, TGA, and WBMP image formats. This proved useful when I needed to open .TIFF files recently to make a custom map for hiking.

Set grid size option

Now the “Show grid” option will allow you to set a custom cell size. Previously a standard cell size of 10×10 was the only option you had.

That’s all for now in this release. A major amount of community requested “quality of life” bug fixes went into this version, so the level of polish on this version is much higher than ever before.