PhotoFlare 1.5.1 released!

PhotoFlare v1.5.1 has been officially released. This is primarily a bug fix release but also adds some new functionality. The full list of changes is on the GitHub release page. This blog post will cover some of the bigger changes.

Transparent backgrounds

The New file dialog can now create a transparent background if the background colour is not checked/ticked.

New crop style

The crop lines have been updated to be much more visible on images with various colour combinations. Also the hotspots to move around the crop area have been made larger. (easier to grab) The crop lines are also more visible at further out zoom levels.

Language restart button

If you change language with the application you will now have a restart button appear. This can easily allow you to switch language.


Thanks to our translators we have fully updated language packs for French and Dutch. German translation needs an update, so if you feel like helping out please do get in touch.

Installer packages will appear for this release on the downloads page over the next coming days. That’s about it for now. Hope you enjoy this new release!