PhotoFlare 1.4 released!

PhotoFlare 1.4 has been officially released. This upgrade is free for anyone, as it is a community edition. All current studio changes have been merged for the 1 series since I have new plans for the Studio version.

This release has the codename “Fine Tuning” and as such really focused on providing a more refined experience with more options.

Previous save location

The location you save your images will now remember and use the last location by default. You can still set a custom folder location if you wish.

Gradient sliders 50% by default

If you want to quickly do a gradient its a bit annoying to always have to move the sliders up from 0%. Much easier now with 50% as a default setting.

Limit amount of undo steps

The undo history now has a setting to limit the amount of steps you can take backwards. This will allow you to limit the memory usage.

Text Dialog validation

Before you try to put empty text on an image we now have some validation in place.

Toolpalette dock position

Adding a preferences option to set the Toolpalette to dock on the left or right side on startup.

New Eraser Tool

A new tool has been added for erasing already painted pixels. For now it just supports white pixels but we hope to add transparent pixel support in the future.

New Smudge Tool

A new tool has been added to smudge pixels. Basic but another functional tool to have at the moment.

PaintBrush Pressure

A pressure setting has been added to the basic paintbrush tool. This will allow painting more subtle colouring over images instead of full opacity paint.

Restructure dialogs and Tool Settings into separate locations.

Generally having a well organised code base is great but really only developers will appreciate this more.


RAW File Support

You can now open raw files even with the community edition.

That’s all for now folks. Head to the downloads┬ápage to give it a shot!