PhotoFiltre LX Studio Update

All of the website updates have been completed now.  Although the forum has been removed in the meantime as I don’t have enough time to develop software, do website design/coding and manage a forum. (fighting the long fight against spambots)

Some of you may notice the downloads page has something new, have a look and see if you are interested. Basically im getting feedback on how many people are interested in paying for PhotoFiltre LX Studio, which will then unlock the (free) Opensource version for all of the world to enjoy!

Depending on how many responses I get will determine the Pre-Order price. If I get very little PhotoFiltre LX Studio will likely not go ahead or be stuck in slow development by myself. If we get plenty enough responses then it will go ahead at speed and in the future the whole world will benefit from another really nice application to use on your Linux PC.

Lets see what happens!