PhotoFiltre LX 1.0 released! 2


My Birthday cake from my girlfriend yesterday! =)


I’m absolutely delighted to announce PhotoFiltre LX Studio 1.0 has been released today! Lots of features have been implemented over this 1.25 year development cycle. Why not try it out right away!

Download 1.0 right now!

Here is an overview of the final features added for 1.0:

New main icon

A new main icon has been created to replace my old placeholder one. This icon has certain elements of the old icon such as puzzle pieces/filmstrip but is a whole new icon of its own. This new icon represents the separation of this project and the original PhotoFiltre. Yes we have some similar features etc but we will be coming up with our own ideas in the near future and shaping out a much improved image editor to our taste.


More preferences options

Set your default opening and saving folders:


Set your default save format:


Colour modes

You can now toggle between RGB colour mode and Indexed colour mode.


Transparent colour dialog

A dialog has been created which you can launch from the toolbar. You can set any colour to be transparent with this option using a colour picker. By default it will use the colour of the center pixel in your image.


Improved default icon theme

The default icon theme has received some work on how the icons look. Some have had minor tweaks to the appearance. It looks much more professional now. I’ve noticed every little tweak helps the overall appearance of the application.


Paste as new image

Open up the image editor while you have something in your clipboard. Click Edit>>Paste. Now a new tab will be created with a new image the exact dimensions of what you copied. Very neat for a fast cropping workflow.

Improved Crop Tool

The Crop tool now has hotspots where you can adjust the crop size on the fly.


Text Dialog Layout


Mac OSX Build

The project now builds successfully on Mac OSX 10.10. Installers for Mac will be out shortly.

Bugs fixed

  • Cannot use Pointer Tool (selection) straight after opening an image.
  • Opening file from Recent Files with a transparent background does not show the transparent background.
  • Clicking cancel on the compression dialog still saves the image.
  • Dependency libQtPrintSupport5 missing from deb
  • PFLX 1.0 Beta pretty slow
  • French translation not working on Ubuntu Mate
  • Common actions should use native methods
  • Replace Brush sets