PhotoFiltre LX Alpha released!

I am proud to announce the release of PhotoFiltre LX Alpha (Chrono Edition)! Not quite as many features made it into this version
as I would have hoped but still this release boasts some much requested features such as Undo/Redo functionality and a bunch of new effects.

Undo/Redo functionality

Paint, click Undo


Click Redo

Resize Dialog improvements

There is now an option for Linked size to change the size in equal ratios. Also cm and percentage resize now work.
Lastly, the size of the image is auto detected instead of the previous release showing just 0 to begin with.

New Image Effects

This release gained the following effects:

  • Dust Reduction
  • Flip Horizontal
  • Flip Vertical
  • Rotate Counter Clockwise
  • Rotate Clockwise

File menu: Close and Close all

You can close the current tab from the File menu now and also close all now works too!

Bugs fixed:

  • #1264670 – Can’t paint on canvas after using effect

While im happy to get this release out in the wild, do take note this one is a buggy release and will need
many bug fixes in the next release.