Our New Home

Well we made it safely to our new WordPress only website. I had to fix the filepath of images all across the 80 posts we had, so it wasn’t exactly a piece of cake. We had a brief moment of the site looking a bit trashy on the default WordPress theme. The default theme is okay I mean for a blog site but obviously didn’t suit our needs.


  • Mainly the fact it is now fully responsive to phone screens and looks/runs fantastic on a phone screen!
  • Lots more development time to spend on the actual project rather than messing around with HTML/CSS.
  • Easier to change up the look/feel of the site due to themes and plugins.

You might notice a little surprise too in the way of a promo video on the homepage. This is just to show people what the demo can do currently for those who have not yet installed it.  The full version will have much more and better goodies inside.


Along the way Pre-Order members will get to enjoy a new release from now going forward. A little something to please those most excited about the project and reward your faith in us! Everyone that Pre-Ordered I consider truly great people!

The portal system should be up soon and your new release will be available straight from the downloads page towards the end of this month and every other month after that!

I’m ignoring all other projects of mine at the moment. I decided to full on focus on PhotoFiltre LX and finish it out completely this year. Exciting times ahead, progress happening faster than ever before!