Open Source Developer

Before I spend any longer deliberating over the title of this post I’ll just get right into it. Throughout the last six years or so I previously worked as a full time Software Developer on closed source software. Recently I have taken on a new opportunity to work for a company who focuses on Open Source as a number one priority.

As a result I have the pleasure of working on Open Source software on a full time basis. Taking on any new role will involve much time/effort spent learning new projects and new language features. I have also started on a new hobby project recently. Naturally both circumstances will reduce my time on Photoflare as a whole.

Breakdown of a typical week (168 hrs)

  • Sleep 33%
  • Work 23.8%
  • Leisure 21.7%
  • New project 20.0%
  • Photoflare CE 1.0%
  • Photoflare v2 0.2% – 0.0%?

At the moment I’m doing an awkward juggle between trying to spend time on Photoflare CE and Photoflare v2. I hope to spend less time on CE and more on v2 in order to make some reasonable progress. Soon I hope to focus only on v2 progress and start to post about it more often.