Open Collaboration

So during my spare time I’ve been helping out a very special Open Source project. Its a project to create an Open Source and Cross Platform video editor with advanced features but still be easy to use.

OpenShot has been the video editor of choice for all our project videos on our Youtube channel. I’m a strong believer that projects like this should stick together and help where possible. Since I’ve used OpenShot so much over the years I decided to give back to the community and help on the projects GitHub.

Initially I could see the project was trying to make good progress but the waves upon waves of GitHub issues looked to be maintained but I don’t blame the lead developer, as programming takes up enough time without leaving time to anything else.

Now after I stepped up the project is in much better shape. Many GitHub issues relating to older versions have been closed out and even though the number of issues is about the same the issues are neatly organised and relevant to the actual current version of the project. Also we have gotten more contributors on board since then and we have a small team pushing the project further at a faster pace.