Now with Minty Freshness!

A quick post to announce that our PhotoFIltre LX Studio 0.7 Demo is now available to test out on Linux Mint 17.x. Grab a copy from the downloads page! I added the icons missing from Ubuntu default to be our own custom ones and built the new .deb installer. Note that all icons will need to go under improvement in the future.

In other news development of PhotoFiltre LX Studio is pushing forward at a great pace! Every month or two we have a new demo (alpha) version to share with the world! Most of this is due to ditching the old toolkit Gtk which I used though the Gtkmm framework(C++ interface for Gtk). To reflect this I have finally opened up Bazaar and removed the Gtkmm code from source control. Also ive added the source for the new icons here in case anyone wishes to improve them. (Adobe Illustrator unfortunately would be required)


In the future I hope to push more up to date builds here but that would depend on the project getting more costs covered first. I expect we will reach enough funds to release as Open Source in the future at some point but for now I can’t say when. Perhaps I will release in stages. Currently we have the 0.1 Demo build 1 which is essentially my original prototype before commercial development started. However, we are currently on 0.8 Demo and build 45 of the project overall! =)

Onwards and upwards folks! I can’t wait to talk about our 0.8 Demo release towards the end of February!