Not So Minty Fresh

Its come to my attention that PhotoFiltre LX Studio outside of Ubuntu seems to be a rather poor experience.  Many thanks to the user who came back with feedback on this as otherwise we would never have known. Linux Mint has two issues which may exist within other Linux distributions too.

  • Missing icons from Ubuntu icon set. (New, Open, Save, Print, Undo, Redo)


  • Filters crash the application.

For the icon issue we will likely fill in the gaps with our own icons from our Windows version. Filters crashing will require some investigation. During my extra testing session I also found jpg files are not opening in the 0.6 release. This seems to be a regression from the last release. All these bugs will be tackled in the 0.7 Magic Wisp release. See the bugs and blueprints marked on the Launchpad 0.7 Milestone.

0.7 “Magic Wisp” Planned Features

The 0.7 release for the most part is an effort to finish the Toolpalette. The toolpalette will have the following tools developed to fill the gaps:

  • MagicWand Tool
  • CloneStamp Tool
  • Blur Tool
  • Cursor icons to show actual size for certain tools like paintBrush.
  • Bug fixes.


If you are familiar with the original PhotoFiltre you will remember how these should work. Once complete this should be a big step towards our first 1.0 release. So much more to do until then but still it is decent progress. Most of the work remaining will be smaller things and much less complicated. More time consuming than difficult I expect.

Don’t forget if you do find issues even in these early builds send in a bug report on Launchpad or by e-mail. Thanks for the support via donations on the Studio Page. People seem much more supportive though donations rather than Pre-Orders. =)

If you like what we are doing – donate even the cost of a cup of coffee! Even bit helps us get to 1.0 even faster and with better quality end results.